Welcome to the Launceston Judo Club - University of Tasmania Judo

We are a martial arts club located at the University of Tasmania Launceston campus.

We aim to teach and educate people of all ages about Judo. 

We offer judo classes in Launceston for children and adults.

If you are interested in learning Judo or would like information then contact us to find out more.

What is Judo?

Known and practiced world-wide, judo is both a martial art and a sport that uses throws, holds, chokes, and armlocks to overcome opponents. Learning and practicing judo provides all levels of exercise, cardiovascular conditioning, physical coordination, balance, self-defense, and even a competition pathway all the way to international and Olympic levels. Judo is a dynamic style that does not rely on strength but is based on a combination of balance, coordination and reaction – all skills that help performance across other sports.


We teach Judo in an active, fun and safe manner. Judokas (players) are taught a variety of techniques, while at the same time learning to respect and ‘care’ for each other.

Launceston Judo Grip Fighting

Wednesday Evenings

5:00 – 6:00 pm: Junior Girls/Boys Class.
*During School Terms

6:00 – 7:30 pm: Seniors Class.

Training Costs

1) Yearly Judo Tasmania Membership

We are an approved Judo Tasmania club, so membership is required to be maintained with Judo Tasmania. This requires a yearly fee of $75 for juniors and $100 for seniors.

2) Club Training Fees

Our class training fees are $10 per lesson payable upfront per term (terms are usually 10-11 weeks in duration).

Information for Parents, Children and Adults New to Judo

Contact Us

Interested in learning Judo or know someone who is?


Unigym Launceston Dojo,
University of Tasmania,
Brooks Rd, Newnham TAS 7248

Dojo Hours

Wednesday: 5pm to 6:00pm (Junior Class)
Wednesday: 6:00-7:30pm (Senior Class)